From Expertise to Project.
Our range of services for providers, operators and independent evaluators

1. Consulting
Dialogue is the beginning. We clarify the current situation and fine-tune the type and scope of our cooperation. We examine and determine expenses and present the most efficient methods how EcoPlas can assure the success of your project.

2. Expertise
We carry out a precise analysis of the status quo. If necessary, we apply emission measurements and laboratory analyses. This analysis can save considerable costs during the subsequent project phases. If desired, open questions can be clarified through official expert appraisals usable in a court of law.

3. Planning
We deduce a concrete need for action based on this well-founded situation analysis. Using our many years of experience, we elaborate a collection of neutral comparisons of technologies and suppliers. Innovative technology is ensured through pilot testing. Optionally, we can act as your representative to the necessary official authorities.